AEC luminaires are certified Zhaga D4i

AEC luminaire, certified Zhaga D4i

All AEC Illuminazione best-selling LED products are Zhaga D4i Luminaire certified. AEC Illuminazione has become part of the Zhaga consortium and its lighting bodies have aligned themselves with the recent rules imposed by the consortium, obtaining the very important Zhaga D4i Luminaire certification, essential to ensure indisputable advantages to customers who aspire to Smart cities and, not least, to participate in public lighting tenders.

But what is the Zhaga D4i Luminaire certification?

Zhaga D4i is a joint certification program between Zhaga and the DALI Alliance (DiiA).

The protagonists who made up the certification. Zagha ​​Consortium and Dali Alliance (DiiA).

Zhaga is an international consortium that aims to standardize the specifications of the interfaces between LED luminaires and communication nodes. The aim is to allow interchangeability between the products of different manufacturers. DALI Alliance (DiiA) is the global industry organization for DALI®, the internationally standardized protocol for digital communication between control devices.

How is the certification born?

The Zhaga consortium has partnered with the DALI Alliance in order to produce an important certification, the Zhaga-D4i Luminaire, which presents a new standardization value for the world of connected smart lighting. The Zhaga D4i Luminaire certification combines the technical specifications of the Book 18 Zhaga version with the D4i specifications connected to the DALI interface. The Zhaga D4i Luminaire certification translates into a set of well-defined technical specifications, concerning mechanical and electrical characteristics of the components, in order to make them open ecosystems. The certification was established to ensure the interchangeability of lighting equipment components from different manufacturers and therefore, without any brand restrictions.

How is certification obtained?

The first step to obtain the Zhaga D4i luminaires certification is first of all to obtain the Zhaga D4i certification from a third-party certifying body enabled "testing Lab" (DEKRA, Intertek, TUV, VDE or ITE predom), which will verify the correspondence of the appliances in compliance with book 18. Subsequently, the consortium will verify the certification obtained and will publish the certificate on the official website

What is the customer advantage of having a D4i certified product?

For a very long time, all the lighting fixtures equipped with Zhaga have created problems and limitations in use for the end customer as, being a closed system and therefore not interchangeable, it could be managed by a single manufacturer thus binding the customer to a single and exclusive brand.
Today, however, a customer, by purchasing AEC luminaires, D4i certified, will purchase products that are interchangeable with those of other suppliers. All this can be translated into industrial terms in a total absence of electrical and mechanical constraints or limitations. The Zhaga consortium together with the DALI Alliance have in fact given life to this Zhaga D4i certification for the following reasons:
- eliminate any type of limitation of use for the end user;
- guarantee plug & play interoperability of lighting fixtures and control nodes regardless of the manufacturer;
- participate in any public lighting tender.
Besides being interchangeable components, there are also other identifiable advantages in a luminaire with Zhaga-D4i luminaires certification. For example, in a Zhaga-D4I-certified street lamp, the network passes through the power supply to power the controller. Which results in increased surge protection. Furthermore, using certified D4i components allows you to have diagnostic data, energy and specific information linked to each single device.

D4i certification is an excellent choice for those who aspire to  Smart Cities

The D4i certification was a real first big step towards Smart Cities. For this it becomes essential to know how to choose between producers who develop products with this certification and producers who have not become aware of this generational change given by the Zhaga D4i.
AEC Illuminazione presents all its best-selling products with the Zhaga D4i certification.
In the road street LED lighting range, the products with Zhaga D4i certification are:
In the urban LED lighting range, the products with Zhaga D4i certification are:

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