• Project for sport LED lighting with Galileo sport floodlight
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Rovigo Stadium | Galileo 2 EB

Galileo, the LED floodlight developed by AEC for wide area lighting, has been selected for the new stadium sport LED lighting of Bagnolo di Po. In every light tower, it has been installed 10 floodlights.
The client needed to replace the old light towers because they were inefficient and they caused high energy costs, high maintenance costs and glaring effects for players.
They decided to adopt AEC lighting sport solutions for a new start in their sport facility.
The new sport lighting with Galileo outdoor lighting luminaire, has changed and transformed the whole area with great results: maximum energy efficiency, safety for players, good visibility for visitors and more sustainability.
Galileo floodlight offers excellent optical efficiency and high functionality.
Thanks to AEC LED lighting systems for sport lights, the client today benefits of low costs for energy and maintenance.
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