• Project in Parma (Italy) with Ecoarkè the luminaire for safer pedestrian crossings lighting designed by AEC Illuminazione
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Parma (Italy) | Safety Series

Traffic is one of the big issues for many cities today. It can really make it difficult for pedestrians to safely cross streets and high-traffic areas.
One of the key issues for AEC Illuminazione is to make streets safer not only for drivers but for pedestrians too. Any City includes goals for citizen safety.
Parma is in the centre of Italy, and is a good example of a city that chose AEC Illuminazione safety series luminaires: an efficient, safe and convenient solution.
The system is composed by a column with a crossing signal and a Q QUADRO luminaire.
The aim of the project was to give the area a high performing lighting close to pedestrian crossings.
AEC Illuminazione installed the safety series in an important shopping area where hundreds for Q QUADRO luminaires had already been mounted.
Considering the high number of pedestrians and vehicles passing by the entrance and exit area of the shopping district, the use of an appropriate lighting system close to pedestrian crossings has been a winning choice. The installation guarantees citizens a safer passage through the entire area.
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