• Mecca street LED lighting with ITALO fixture by AEC Illuminazione
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Mecca | ITALO

AEC has been chosen for a very important project of new outdoor street LED lighting in Mecca: the most important city in the Hejaz in Saudi Arabia.
In Mecca, there is the biggest and the most important mosque in the world: Masjid al-Haram.
AEC in collaboration with Al-Babtain, official Partner for Saudi Arabia, has offered ITALO for the new outdoor street LED lighting.
The fixture, designed for street and urban LED projects, has been selected and recognized as the best lighting solution for the outdoor lighting.
600 ITALO LED fixtures have been installed in the main road which connect to the mosque.
A very prestigious and important Smart lighting project where the municipalities wanted to increase energy savings, visual comfort and safety on the road.
In Arabic countries too, LED street fixtures are chosen for a lot of Smart street lighting projects thanks to their different advantages.
ITALO has allowed the municipality to obtain high energy efficiency, maintenance costs reduction and to increase safety for drivers.
The old lamps were wasteful, unsafe and they caused high energy consumptions and high maintenance costs.
ITALO has been selected for different LED lighting projects all over the world and it has confirmed its high performance and high functionality in outdoor street lighting.
The LED fixture by AEC has allowed the Arabic Municipality to reach important and successful results in terms of sustainability and energy savings. Thanks to the efficient AEC fixture ITALO, today Mecca has an efficient LED street lighting. 
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