• Project in Holmestrand (Norway) with KAOS, the luminaire for efficient street lighting designed by AEC Illuminazione.
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Holmestrand (Norway) | Kaos

Holmestrand is a Norwegian city in the Vestfold County, along the Oslo fjord. This is also a major industrial city. One of the most important roads in Northern Europe runs along this area, connecting the North of Ireland to Russia.
The E18 is a European route that crosses Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and Finland for a total length of more than 1,890 kilometres.
Along the Norwegian stretch the local road authority chose KAOS of AEC Illuminazione, a luminaire designed for street lighting.
For such a functional and efficient road, KAOS was the most efficient solution for outdoor lighting and for more than 20 years KAOS has lit the most important Norwegian streets.
This product is designed with absolute versatility and a wide variety of applications that meet different installation needs for street, urban and residential lighting.
Since always, KAOS has been used for high-efficient street lighting projects in Italy and abroad. Many road authorities still choose KAOS for functional lighting.
The luminaire meets all the requirements in terms of performance and efficiency in public lighting.
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