• Italo - AEC luminaires for street lighting in Germany
  • Italo - AEC luminaires for street lighting in Germany
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Ettlingen (Germany) | Italo

The Ettlingen city, in the southern part of Germany, has redesigned street lighting to giving great importance to energy efficiency and quality of installed luminaires.
The focus was on reducing CO2 costs and emissions by using LEDs and reducing also maintenance costs.
AEC Illuminazione won the tender by presenting the efficient LED series ITALO and installing more than 670 in the area. The technical criteria were evaluated in the tender by the SWE Netz GmbH, a German energy supplier.
ITALO went to replace the ancient lights on the principal streets and highways of the city, ensuring better lighting, increasing the comfort of motorists and safety in the busiest crossroads.
The replacement of 746 light points with 674 Italo luminaires from AEC Illuminazione saves 280t CO2 and about 60000 euros per year for Ettlingen's management.
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