Turin also awards ITALO

In line with the need of the Horizon 2020 European projects and the indications of the European Commission in terms of energy efficiency, Turin is a candidate to be one of the next Smart Cities and Communities. This is an ambitious project for resolving the main problems in terms of energy, environment and mobility. The goal is to launch a new model of development, which is both socially and economically credible and with effective results. Similarly to Milan, Turin also chooses AEC for their new LED lighting.

The Company has won a new tender for more than 45,000 luminaires, offering high performance solutions, with an impeccable Design. This bold choice will allow public administration to realise significant cost reductions and energy savings. Like Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, Turin also puts in place an exceptional project of modernisation. Soon,the city will be renowned for its innovation, sustainability and the quality of the light.


It’s undeniable though that light is essential in our social life,

it's a symbol of human presence, it guarantees safety and

improves the quality of every single human life.




Informazioni generali
AEC Illuminazione Srl
Via A.Righi, 4 – Z.I. Castelnuovo 52010
Subbiano (Ar)
Cap Soc € 1.560.000,00
Pec amministrazione@pec.aecilluminazione.it
Rea AR 72908 – CF/P.IVA Reg Impr AR n° 00343170510