NEWS 2018

The new efficient luminaire for street and urban lighting with a modern and minimal design.

Q-DROME is a luminaire designed with the best technologies in order to obtain the best performance. The series is available with asymmetrical optics for each type of urban and street applications. The compact body is made by die-cast aluminium with low copper content which assure high mechanical resistance and high reliability.

Un tocco di design sulle strade.

COMPASS is characterized by its particular design and high performance. The series is available in two sizes COMPASS 1 and COMPASS 2, equipped with numerous symmetrical and asymmetrical optics for every type of street application. COMPASS can be installed with a universal bracket/post top fixing, on the wall with adjustable inclination, suspended on cable and suspended on bracket 1/2" GAS.

A series of luminaires with a classic and functional design.

ARTELYS is a luminaire with a classic design and is ideal in traditional architectural contexts such as historical centers. The luminaire can be installed in its personal bracket MY, specially designed, and also on other compatible brackets. The series is composed by ARTELYS (ø350 and ø460) and ARTELYS DECO (ø350)

A luminaire with unequaled design.

STYLO is the new AEC lighting fixture for urban and street lighting of high architectural value. LED technology and in option SMART CITY systems, Stylo is equipped with 9 different types of optics and 2 types of screen: VP flat glass or bi-material polycarbonate cup.

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MOD 2.0
One of the most versatile and creative series of ever.

The series consists of many luminaires, different from each other but united by the same aesthetic line, for every type of installation.
MOD 2.0 URBAN is the new version and updated model of the previous series XMOD. This is a new luminaire, re-designed with a more modern design and linear shape. There are two different size MOD 2.0 URBAN 200 and MOD 2.0 URBAN 250.
MOD 2 .0 TOWER is a multifunctional luminaire and it can be personalized choosing among different optic and Smart modules. The luminaire can be integrated with multifunctional modules as access point Wi-Fi, audio speaker, video surveillance and motion sensor.
With MOD 2.0 TOWER RGB it is possible to create different lighting scenery with colour temperature from 2700K to 8000K. The controller DMX allow to manage the lighting dimming and the lighting effect requested.

MOD 2.0 BOLLARD is the right solution for low height lighting in parks, boulevards and pedestrian paths.
The bollard version is available in two different heights: 0.5m and 1m.
Complete the series the versatile floodlight MOD 2.0 PRO. The flat tempered glass assure high trasparency and resistance. MOD 2.0 PRO is a very multifunctional floodlight, made by extruded aluminium with IP66 protection degree, available in two different lengths: 535mm and 650mm.

The new luminaire for industrial lighting.

GQ1 is a new series with a sophisticated design for industrial lighting. It is available with 3 type of aluminium optics to obtain the best performance in the workplace. Optics: HB-M, HB-W e HB-E.
For GQ1 a satin glass has been specially designed to reduce glare and increase visual comfort. GQ1 is equipped with a universal mounting flange that allows suspension installation on cable, chain, track and blinds. Optional mounting flange for central fixing. The luminaire is supplied pre-wired of outgoing line cable.

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