Lighting design



AEC provides its customers with the best support in terms of personnel and equipment for:
  • Testing of lighting systems already installed.
  •  Luminance and illuminance measurements aiming to test both the installation conditions and the new installations project parameters.

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In the download section of  the website restricted area AEC provides its users with the main designing tools such as lighting software and photometric packages (constantly updated by AEC staff).

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The photometric database in LDT is available in the restricted area - download of AEC website.
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There are two key aspects contributing to the success of a project:
  • the choice of an excellent luminaire.
  • a proper application of the lumanaire within the installation.
AEC provides designers and municipalities with an extremely efficient lighting design service.
The Company offers the best in lighting solutions to meet any project requirement with the help of a highly competent staff, dedicated software and a wide technical literature.
Great attention is given to a continuous updating, following the latest in lighting technologies.
AEC provides direct and customized assistance by means of:
  • in field inspections;
  • technical consulting;
  • technical meetings;
  • definition of lighting concept;
  • 3D modelling, mock-ups and project analysis.
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