Cosmos AEC Magazine

Discover the firt number of Cosmos AEC magazine. It has been written for lighting designers, architects, engineers and lighting professionals.

Today LED technology is completely transforming the way we design with light and it’s our duty to take advantage of it. In this issue we would like to show you how our company is becoming linked to and focused on this technology.

The world of lighting is undergoing a revolution. Every day we face new challenges with determination, aware of our great potential, "bringing know-how worldwide". This is our mission.

With Cosmos, we want to spread our ideas, share more about our company, discuss the lighting market, and debate the engaging world of technology.

What makes us different is our ability to adapt and compete. But, above all, what matters is how we make our product and philosophy noticed in the market.

But this is not enough. It’s crucial to know and meet our customer’s needs - focusing on them and offering an efficient and “100% Made in Italy” product.

Cosmos is dedicated to the fascinating world of light. But there’s much more to light than that: innovation, passion, technology and ecology. Enjoy reading this launch issue.

Read the first issue here below.

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