Urban LED lighting by AEC features quality, sustainability and high performance. 
AEC enables a new concept of urban LED applications: more efficient, safer and functional. MASTER and ECORAYS, the new luminaires, have been developed for park, square, city centre, plazas, parking lighting.
LED lighting for parks, residential area, city centre, parking and square.
ECORAYS fixture is synonymous with efficiency and energy savings in urban lighting. The luminaire provides urban landscape with comfortable and homogenous light in A+ energy class.
MASTER fixture has been developed for a wide range of urban LED applications. The luminaire is available in two different shapes: MASTER 3 featured by straight lines and a stretched body and MASTER 6 with a more compact design.

AEC Mission for urban LED lighting
Give value to urban city.
Create excellent safety conditions.
Contribute to the improvement of life quality and well-being for citizens.

What's the advantage?

Excellent levels of efficiency and energy savings for urban lighting can be achieved guaranteeing excellent light performance but also integrating the luminaires with dynamic, intelligent and versatile light AEC control systems. These can be installed according to local municipalities needs.
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