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Efficient, Safer and Sustainable workplaces.

Creating a healthy and safe workplace has become an important issue and lighting is a key factor in the mood and well-being of people.
Efficient Industrial LED lighting can increase motivation, improve cognitive processes and reaction times, help to reach higher levels of concentration and reduce fatigue. With proper fixtures for indoor LED lighting, potential damaging implications such as impaired vision, stress and low performance can be avoided. It is crucial to choose highly functional lighting solutions that promote both healthy and safe working environments and improve production efficiency.
With Galileo Indoor, AEC guarantees quality, comfort and sustainability. Light must allow any employee to properly and efficiently carry out their tasks with no glare effects. People spend a great amount of their time in indoor spaces where artificial lighting is predominant and as lighting impacts on biological processes and emotional states.
Thanks to AEC Indoor SmartWay, it is possible to control and manage industrial lighting according to the needs of the building and employees. 
With increasing energy costs, energy consumption is a crucial issue. Fixed costs can be considerably reduced with AEC’s efficient and intelligent lighting systems for indoor industrial applications.

With AEC Indoor SmartWay System, luminaires can be programmed to turn on and off at pre-determined times depending on light conditions to reduce energy consumption and costs.
The environmental footprint has an impact on the design of new industrial buildings.
By choosing innovative LED lighting solutions, buildings can comply with regulatory requirements, increase sustainability and reduce energy consumption.  
High energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Industrial Facilities.
Extreme production areas with high temperatures.
Commercial Facilities.
Indoor Sport lighting.

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