AEC will light up Florence

In 1966 Florence, was hit by a disastrous flood. After this disastrous event, AEC was chosen to provide the new decorative lighting of the city, especially for the riverside of Arno and the famous streets of the old town. Following the flood, AEC started the production of artistic cast-iron candlesticks, which was then supplied for many other Italian cities.

Photo: 1966 - Decorative lighting with AEC candelabra

After 52 years, AEC Illuminazione returns to lights up the city of Florence once again, after having won the tender of 30,000 LED technology luminaires.
The tender was launched by Silfi Spa, the company that manages public lighting in Florence.

The Municipality has chosen ITALO, ECORAYS and GALILEO series for the new project.
ITALO, luminaire dedicated to street lighting, now well know in the Italian and international market, for having lit up important Italian cities such as Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Turin, as well as important foreign cities such as Copenaghen, Oslo, Helsinki, Berlin, Auckland.
A street luminaire that has quickly become an absolute reference in the sector for the main energy efficiency projects in the world.
Another luminaire is ECORAYS, designed for urban lighting, which will be installed in the main Florentine city parks.
GALILEO also was chosen, efficient LED floodlight, which will be used for floodlighting.

Sandro Cini
General Manager of AEC


"This project is particularly important for us: it is not just an ordinary city, but it is Florence, our Tuscan city, one of the most beautiful in the world.
We are proud to be always the protagonist of Florence outdoor lighting. It is a reason for maximum pride and professionalism, always distinctive sign of AEC"

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