AEC will light up the Alberto Picco stadium
Spezia Stadium under a new light

Spezia Calcio has officially announced that AEC is the company chosen for the adaptation of the lighting system of the "Alberto Picco" stadium, all according to the lighting criteria necessary to satisfy the infrastructural parameters of Serie A.
A source of great pride for AEC, which will give the stadium a safe, efficient and high quality lighting.
At the same time, the Club of via Melara announces that in the following weeks, the remaining adaptation works of the Viale Fieschi plant will also start, necessary to be able to host the home matches of the Serie A 2020-2021 championship.

The Alberto Picco Stadium
will be light up by ALO
Floodlight with pure innovation

ALO, AEC floodlight for sports facilities, was chosen as an efficient solution for the LED redevelopment of the Alberto Picco stadium.

ALO is an efficient Made in Italy solution, designed and produced in the Tuscan headquarters of AEC, which has always been synonymous with innovation and high quality.

Discover the floodlight chosen for the Alberto Picco stadium <<

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