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This year AEC enters one of the most competitive market world-wide. Germany is the very next challenge.
Thanks to its international strength AEC will be competing in terms of product and set-up in this new area.

The official entrance in the German market takes place on February 2015 with the introduction of the sales team who will support AEC in Germany. The company will be facing the market with a new and ambitious project, AEC has opened in fact its own sales branch in Frankfurt, the German financial capital.
For the first time, the company is not marketing with a local sales partner but directly controls the area with a local branch.
The main goal is to bring the “Made in Italy” brand in one the most competitive and developed economies in the world.
Germany is a solid country and above all it’s an expert, extremely selective and demand for quality market.

This is the reason why AEC has chosen to face it at first hand. It has been considered the right approach that met the support and the enthusiasm of the German team. 
Sven Dressel, General Manager at AEC Deutschland, talks about the project.
1. What is the reason why AEC has decided to open a new branch in Germany?
I met AEC almost 10 years ago. We had the chance to work together. At that time I was strongly impressed by the high quality of its product, its extraordinary managerial approach and its way of communicating and persuading. I was struck by the professional support of its team.
During the Light+Building exhibition in 2014 I had the chance to talk and exchange views with AEC about the current situation of public lighting in Germany and about a possible entrance and positioning of the company in the market.
Once closed the meeting, we came to the same conclusion.
We were on the same wavelength. 
With my experience and connections in the lighting sector I was sure I could bring the missing piece of the puzzle to enter successfully into the German market. I am sure that that conversation was crucial.
From the very beginning I understood that our collaboration would have been successful. Few weeks later I had the chance to meet AEC in Italy. That was the decisive meeting: the new AEC branch was taking shape.

2. With the opening of AEC Deutschland, the company changes the way of doing business in Germany. For the first time no official partners will follow the market. Which is the reason of this important change? 
In Europe AEC is supported by professional and experienced partners. In Germany the customer prefers a direct contact with the company. Even though the head office is in another country, a direct link with the Headquarters is more than crucial.
This is why AEC has decided to open a local branch. There are so many other companies in the market and a third party communication is not suitable. This reason convinced the company to open a local office in Germany. 

3. In your opinion, how big is the opportunity to be successful with AEC in Germany?
A company must be aware of the real dimension and opportunities of the market and needs to get to the customer with a solid expertise. Thanks to the deep change in technology and to the new European standards, customers are more open-minded towards new suppliers.
One of the key strengths is to show the customer an impeccable level of technological knowledge and a high level of innovation.
This is a big challenge for AEC but I have no doubts. I’m sure AEC can match up with the situation also considering the highly professional and trained team who will support the company.
4. In such a competitive contest as the German one, which segment are you planning to grow in?
In Germany the major players are some important corporations and other companies who have a remarkable market share in the decorative lighting sector. AEC has all the experience, the know-how and the products to be successfully part of energy-efficient projects promoted by local municipalities and authorities.
This is the reason why we’re going to rely a lot on ITALO. Just a year from its launch the product has already conquered many cities in Italy and worldwide.
ITALO is recognised as a product leader in public lighting. This series will also be part of our market activities entering the German market.
The real ITALO advantages are its great versatility and variety of applications: a perfect solution for the local administration.
5. Has the introduction of LED technology helped other companies to enter the German market?
At the very beginning there had been an invasion of new companies in Germany. Many of them were “garage companies” who had been working since then in the electronics business.
With the arrival of LED these companies have tried to become significant players in the lighting industry. It’s not that easy to find companies able to compete in such a technical area where mechanics, electronics, lighting and, last but not least, design have all an import role for the success of a product. AEC is synonym of quality worldwide and I am sure of its success also here in Germany.

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